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Joystick Controlled Circular Interface Mounted on Bike

to assist food delivery bikers in communicating with others in delivery process




UX Researcher
UX Designer


Team of 4 students

Working with Atlanta Bike Delivery and Messenger Community
August 2019 - December 2019

The original Intent of this project was to create a navigation system for bike delivery messengers, however after interviewing our users, we found communication was one of their major concerns.

We reframed and created a system based primarily on the concept that the bikers will be able to communicate more easily without taking their hands of the bike or their eyes off the road

🚲Allow for calling and texting with the least user input possible

🚲Create a system that allows bikes to operate while looking at the road and biking

🚲create a system to make bikers feel more confident and work more efficiently

🚲Test the system with bike messengers in the area

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