Hi! 👋


I'm Shelby.


I am Masters Student in the M.S. Human Computer Interaction Program at Georgia Tech and I am seeking a UX Internship for Summer of 2020.


I currently work as a Lab Assistant in the GVU Prototyping & Usability Labs on campus.


My field interests include working in User Centered Research, and UX Design, specifically Ubiquitous Computing, Health Informatics, and Inclusion in design.

When I am not on campus creating

circuits or mapping user flows, I like to fulfill

my curious nature by traveling. I love to

travel and experience new people and

cultures. I have visited over 41 countries

and 5 continents and hope to always

continue traveling and one day

have visited all 7 continents.


When I am not traveling, I like to spend

my time in Atlanta hiking, dancing, and

making art.

I have a passion for creating systems that allow

us to live more freely, function more flexibly,

and work more efficiently.

Feel free to reach out for a chat. 👾

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